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When i apply my genus head default shape it takes off my legacy body and then when i have my legacy body default shapes on it seems like the shape is always off one side is full and curvy and the other side just looks boxy and not like the other side of my leg and butt. How do i fix this?

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The head shape also affects your body, and vice versa. What you'll need to do is wear your Legacy shape first, then go into Edit Appearance - Edit Shape and copy down the numbers you have in the Body, Torso and Leg sections (write them in a notecard or on a bit of paper). Then wear the Genus shape, Edit that and enter in the numbers you copied down.

For being different on left & right sides of the body, something very odd is going on there and it does not even seem possible. We need to see a screenshot of what it looks like, and we need to also see a screenshot of the "Worn" tab from your inventory.

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Maitimo's is the simple way to combine head and body shapes. Once you have typed in the numbers from your shape, save the combined head and body shape as a new shape.

If you have a lot of body shapes to fit different brands of clothes, from the not so "fitted" era, it gets really tedious manually typing in all those shapes for every new head. There is a faster but more technical way to solve the problem.

Wear the new head shape and export it. Most viewers will export a full perm shape as an XML file. (Top menu->Developer->Avatar->Character Tests->Appearance to XML) On your computer you can edit the XML file. Remove all the lines that are not a head setting. You can tell what is and isn't a 'head setting' by looking in the viewer's Appearance Panel. The settings names in the file and panel match.

Once the file contains only head settings, you are ready to import it as a new shape. Not all viewers will import a shape. Firestorm will. So wear the body shape you want. Open inventory, find the shape worn and EDIT it. When Firestorm's Appearance Panel opens look in the bottom right for IMPORT. Import the XML file you edited from your computer. Poof, you have combined the two shapes. Save it as a new shape.

You can add the head-only shape to any shape and it will change only the settings you left in the file.

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