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Cloned a star

Manu Mysterious

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3 minutes ago, Lewis Luminos said:

I never purposefully tried to imitate a celebrity but I did accidentally make Sting once...

Β  Β I still think you look eerily similar to Tony Curran ..


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9 hours ago, TrophySpouse said:

I haven't been inspired to create a celebrity lookalike, but I have come across a store selling a skin if you ever want to look like a politician:

Β  Β .. It'd almost be worth setting up an alt with that and a plain suit to see how welcome you'd be in ye olde 'Murrican rock clubs.Β 

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today a friend said I "looked" like Kendall Jenner >.< Hmm.. I think if I squint my eyes i can see some (little) resemblance, yeah 🀣


But the most funniest thing is that I just changed the color of my hair and eyes (most of the time I'm blonde), and this skin is not related to Kendall at all !
Isn't it amazing how even small details can create a completely different avatar?


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sorry, english is not my main language :>
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On 10/6/2021 at 4:44 AM, painthemoon said:

How do you make these? I mean how can you get a photorealistic copy. The easiest way possible.

There is a new skin store on the grid, called Implode skins. She states in the description of her Flickr ads, that she created skins 10 yrs ago and has come back to make skins again.

She creates photo realistic skins.

Currently, the skins she has released, 4 or 5 so far, are made on the lelutka - evolution xtreme avalon head.

You can use any lelutka evox head to wear with the skin.

I have seen 2 that really look like the celebrities; Britney Spears and Kendall Kardashian.

She has another skin as a group gift and her store group is free to join.

She told me she also applied for a dev kit for LAQ heads and the creator of LAQ has joined her store group.

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