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I am completely lost and on the verge of quitting SL

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I have accumulated tons of stuff over the years as well, but what percentage of that do I really use?  Not so much to be honest.
Most of it has become just clutter in my inventory. I would not miss many items if I would start all over again.

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Well...since someone posted you can get an account recovered even years later its a mute point.

I certainly don't use a lot of things in my inventory all the time but I still spent my hard earned money on it.  It just depends on what type of region I'm in the mood for building. I used to have a urban roleplaying region.  I'm not just going to toss everything because I don't use it at the moment.  To each their own I guess. 


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Roleplay is like that.  Many people find RP and SL boring without conflict, so they work to stir up conflict.  Some of the most successful roleplayers I know--meaning those that still enjoy it after years--create a new Alt for each RP region they join (or dust off an Alt that they have not to used for years).  That way, they disassociate their 'typist' identity from their 'RP' identity.  They keep their out-of-character friends on their main avatar.  They clean their RP Alt's friends list each time they retire it due to a region closure. 

Since you are new, the practical application is to keep your main account for non-RP and generate a new Alt for RP.  Over time, you will have several RP Alts and keep your long-term friends on your main.  

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