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Private Estates Bordering Linden Water That Borders Mainland

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I have long thought that private estates were always separated from mainland and from each other by uncrossable (except by teleportation) empty space. I recently stumbled upon a rather large private estate that is contiguous with multiple Linden water sims that are contiguous with mainland, so that one can fly or sail between it and mainland.

Can someone explain what the rules/policies are regarding private estates being located where there is direct access to Linden water and/or land via which there is direct access to mainland?

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1 hour ago, Rowan Amore said:

Do the Fruit Islands still have access to Lindens seas?  I lived.there years ago and could sail out into the North Sea, I believe.  Been awhile.

No they have always been separate from mainland, so far as i know. 

The North Sea that Eden and Fruit Islanders talk about is the open sea area between the two areas.

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