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Log location reverted to default - related to SL outage 31st August 2021?

Emma Krokus

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Noticed this when trying to pull up previous IMs exchanged with customer. Although I had spoken with her recently, the log was completely blank.

Checked location of the logs and, sure enough, they had reverted to default. I had downloaded the official viewer some 2 - 3 weeks ago and I guess that had recreated the "log spot" on my C:\ drive. However, apart from the time I logged on with that viewer, there was nothing in those from then on UNTIL the outage. 

I had logged off "normally" before the outage started and seemed to eventually log back in in the normal fashion after things started to resolve.

Glad I noticed right away.

I am hoping this is related to the outage, so I don't have to keep checking where logs are saved.

Can anyone cast any light on this?


Emma :) 



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I checked, and no changes in my viewer. I use Firestorm. My cache and log locations hadn't changed when I checked. I have had a rare change of cache settings, it depends, as near as I can tell, on whether the location is already mounted, very much a Linux thing.

As for those log files, check the location you were using. It's likely nothing has been deleted.

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Thank you for your reply arabellajones :) 

Nothing was deleted from that location on D:\. Phew! I checked that last night actually - sorry I didn't mention that

"New" logs were created at the default location (C:\) within the folders set up when I downloaded the official viewer, from the time of relogging AFTER the crash, The contents of the chat logs from before the crash confirmed this.


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