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Log in issues (31 August)

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3 minutes ago, Arielle Popstar said:

Ah ok yes, it is now In-World: 20198 



And I've not seen a change in that number through the last 5 login attempts - seems to be frozen right there.


Ah -finally a change, but it is going down:   19828

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2 hours ago, Sid Nagy said:

Meanwhile somewhere in Oregon:
"Now try to remember really hard this time George. Where did you pull that yellow plug out George?"

In the US it's always a Dave that screws things up. Or so the job advertising commercials on the radio tell me.

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Just now, Siobhan Aura said:

I have been trying to log in for the past hour and I am still getting the error thing. I wish I knew a work around to get back in. But I never needed one before. So I have no idea what to do there. 

It is not you, it is the server.  Random luckiness is letting a few get logged in, but even when logged in, things still seem to be broke and you can't do much.

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1 minute ago, Monstaar said:

I've been logged in this entire time.

Didn't even notice there was a problem until I couldn't upload mesh. Huh.


They'll get it fixed. Everyone keep their pants on :V.

Wait, we are suppose to have pants on? I did not know this. *looks down* um...oops lol jk I have pants on, I promise. XD

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