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Post Your Last Gatcha Pull

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Absolutely no clue what my last gacha pull was- I’ve been computerless going on 2 years & only rarely (in fact today) can log in on a borrowed machine to look in for a few m9ments… but this is likely by far my favorite picture created from gacha prizes.  My tiara was a rare that I actually won 4 or 5 times & gave extras to friends.  Wasn’t able to win the commons I wanted if you can believe it.   All the trophies, ribbon & sash were from gachas…..  


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Gachas are useful for many things

Been in the Half Deer Lazypuff Gacha burning 1k for old times sake i used one of the lazypuff's on my Papillon Panel stuffed with boosters for an auction panel accessory @ Fairy's Little Secret Garden& Dragon's Lair & Italian village.




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My last Gacha, mainly to support Amanda, who sells all her non gacha items at very reasonable prices. $50/pull btw on her only and last Gacha.  I didn't want the Rares, but got a nice selection of the Commons for my  Furnishings folder.  The Drinks Cabinet is in my Fantasy Home.  I added the Budgie cage w/ sounds for 5 $L.






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