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Deploy Plan for the Week of 2021-08-30

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Second Life Server

We will be deploying version 2021-08-27.563385 to all Second Life Server main channel regions. This version is identical to existing Second Life Server version 2021-07-29.562252 with no code changes nor configuration changes being deployed to Second Life Server hosts.

Scheduled for: 2021-08-31 06:00-11:00 PDT

Please note, the Second Life Server deploy window has been permanently modified to be 06:00-11:00 Pacific Time. The Second Life Grid Status Blog will reflect this shortly.

Second Life RC

We will be deploying version 2021-08-27.563385 to all Second Life RC regions. As noted above there are no code changes in this version, however we will be changing all RC regions over to our new configuration as mentioned here. This will cause some incidental changes to how mesh land impact is calculated, but the primary change will be a small but noticeable bump in speed for most regions.

Scheduled for: 2021-09-01 07:00-9:30 PDT

As today's outage is ongoing further configuration changes are suspended until we have ensured the stability of Second Life and the in-world experience.

On Rolling Restarts

As mentioned above, all simulator hosts are being restarted this week.

All Main Channel hosts have been restarted.

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