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Hello everyone;

I'm looking for gloves in SL which can be held in the hand, much like Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex and members of the Imperial House of Japan are seen doing in real life.

I had a handbag in SL - the Codex Karina Handbag, which is unique in that it has a pair of colour-changeable gloves hanging off the side of the bag; I'm wondering if there was anything like that, but without the bag and just the gloves alone that you can just hold in your hand.

I've seen wearable gloves, bags, handkerchiefs and animated makeup tools; are there any handheld gloves in Second Life? It doesn't matter if you can't actually wear them or not, I'd like a pair that I can just hold as an accessory, perhaps for a vintage or royalty roleplay.

Let me know if you know of any;

- Charlotte Sinclair




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Hello Lotta,

I did a whole lot of searching on MP and the best i was able to come up with was for you to use full perm items to make your own:


Mesh Glove Full perm isabelleize


%50SUMMERSALE Full Perm Mesh Broadway Clutch Purse


FULL PERM Bento Hands Holding Clutch Purse Female Standing Fashion Pose

if i see anything else i will post it here......

Kind Regards,



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