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hows to rez home on newly bought propeerty.



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That depends on exactly what form you received it in.  I suspect, though, that you received some instructions with it. Creators who sell houses usually include instructions.  If you didn't get them, you should contact the creator or merchant.

Many (most?) houses are packed in a self-rezzer (or Faux Rez) box.  Basically, you rez the box on the ground roughly where you want the house to be and you either click on the box or on a button in it to rez the house itself. Then, you select the box and move it around with your edit tool.  The house will follow.  When it is where you want it to be, you follow other instructions that essentially disconnect the box from the house or disable it.  The details of that procedure, of course, may vary from one system to another.  That's why you need the instructions.

ETA:  The reason why houses are shipped in Faux Rez boxes instead of just as single objects is that they often contain non-linked items.  As long as they are under control of the Faux Rez box, the entire assemblage can be moved as a single coalesced object.  If you rezzed the unlinked collection and tried to move the house alone, the unlinked pieces would not move with it, and you'd have a heck of a time figuring out where they go.

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