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Again (probably) about respecting neighborhood themes...

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Dear LL and fellow residents,

I'm sure this subject has been discussed many times before but I think it's time, with the new Fantasy themed LH, to revive the question. I strongly want to suggest to all owners of LH to revise their taste, lifestyle and simply, decorations (specially outside decorations of course) of your homes.

Please, if you enjoy a plastic neon yellow pool, a huge 4x4 with a surf board and a bike on top of it there is no need to occupy a themed victorian or fantasy home for that. I'm sure that will better fit in a chalet, traditional or stilt home. Please let the themed homes for those who really want to decorate and live accordingly to THAT theme. I myself renounced to an incredible location in the new neighborhood just because I felt not enough comitted to Fantasy decor and that would disturb the atmosphere, I know sometimes it's hard, but let's all be consequent and respect the place for each one.

Thank you everybody, stay safe and enjoy!

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Perhaps because I live in a country with lots of 19th century homes, I think Victorians work fine decorated in a contemporary style and it would be very boring if everyone just went chintz with them. And plastic neon yellow pool people are unlikely to stick around in the fantasy regions; they're just there because it's the new shiny and as soon as the next theme comes out they'll move on.

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I also heave a heavy sigh when I am hiking through logland and enjoying all the wild wooded lots, trees, and dirt roads, then come upon a parcel that has been completely paved over.  I start humming "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot."  Actually paving entire parcels seems to be pretty common all over Belliserria - or getting a house on sand just to put grass out every where that does not match  the beach everywhere else.  There are way more grass covered parcels than sandy ones.  

Then I realize I am being b****y and others can live out their dreams as well.  I pass by quickly and try to erase it all from my immersion.  I like to move around a lot and I have no issue derendering the neighbors stuff.

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Some people like to mix thing up!

And some people do like neon swimming pools and things like that. More at home in a chalet or a traditional? I'd personally disagree with that. I suppose you could always report it, id you feel strongly enough about it.

The good thing is, with more and more homes on the market, the easier it is to find one with neighbours that have a taste you're happy with. That, or derender, if you don't use the official viewer.

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7 hours ago, Sparkle Bunny said:

Perhaps because I live in a country with lots of 19th century homes, I think Victorians work fine decorated in a contemporary style and it would be very boring if everyone just went chintz with them.

I Agree.

The fantasy theme is the very first theme they have done that doesn't fit a modern day city or the regions within an hour's drive of it.

And that's only due to the plants they rezzed - as the buildings in the fantasy theme look like they could easily be found in some modern cities.


Back when I had a Victorian I had graffiti on the sides of it with Electric cars parked out front because that's literally what half of San Francisco looks like. ;)

- If I'd had the prims, I would have added solar panels as well.



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As long as a person's stuff is not on my parcel I don't really care how they decorate.  It is their vision of how that parcel might look.  I'm pretty sure some of my stuff annoys people.  Also some of my favorite parcels included a neighbor that had something unique on their parcel that others would find annoying.   

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I think in the Fantasy theme, we are all going to have to be tolerant of a wide variety of builds, so long as they stay within covenant.  There are a LOT of interpretations of the word, "fantasy"!    Of course, someone will rez out their 10 year-long collection of unicorns.  But there are other sorts of fantasy.  After all, the moles DID come up with Pyri Peak, I don't think they'll object to imaginative takes in Fantasseria!

  • If Van Gogh or Salvador Dali lived in a landscape that lit up at night, what sort of surreal visions would they share?  I want to see!
  • What happened after Snow White left the 7 Dwarfs' cottage?  Did they build a little shrine to her and go about their day?  Or did one of them, inspired by her look, dress up as Snow White and do Gorean dances for the rest to enjoy?  Or did they collapse utterly into despair, complete with drunken dishevelment, broken chairs and dirty crockery?  I want to see!
  • If this woman moves in next door, ima expect a little darker build than most!  I mean, her medusan hair is actually made of moving garter snakes, who can blame her if she has mice running around everywhere?  A girl's got to eat!  (For builds that are inspired by a specific avatar living there, I'd love to see a photo of that resident by the front door, so I can better understand the build :) )



I expect that Halloween in Fantasseria is going to be wild.  Although my parcel is currently sort of your standard wood elf, I fear that mutants live underneath the front porch.

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