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Help with Male avatar please.


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I'm attempting to create a Male avatar using as little funds as I can but still have him looking decent. 

Where are some places I can shop that have good choices for clothing. I have a legacy body (the free one) for now. 

Also, how do I make it like I still have a butt while wearing men's pants? it goes pancake like once he's clothed. Maybe I should put women's pants on him cos they add butt lol 

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Good cheap clothes for free TMP body... that's a tough one.  There aren't many new releases for this body rig, so your best bet would be older stuff at select stores. A quick search on MP gave some of these:









Free Dove or Ajuda SL Brasil might something, though I'm not certain.  Newer Legacy clothes don't fit the free TMP well without the help of alphas. Some shoes may fit pretty close.  I've had better luck with finding freebies at shopping events.

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