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~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cuddles Huts and Beach Homes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cuddles Huts and Beach Homes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Adult REGION for Residence use.
Rent land, Home, House, Beach Hut, Hut
Ideal Beach with Sailing and Private plot
Media access for Radio & Video
Pls IM CirusEvans Resident for more information

Bands of huts / homes:

Band 1 - L$65 - 20 prims
Band 2 - L$175 - 100 prims
Band 3 - L$275 - 200 prims
Band 4 - L$425 - 300 prims

Click me to visit the Cuddles Cay

Land available on the sim "Cuddles Cay", type on your map and find it.


For more information please contact : cirusevans resident

Prices:  Please contact cirusevans resident for best prices.

or visit




cuddles cay huts logo_003.png

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