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~~~~~>>>> L$6500 Per Week - 65536 sqm - 5000 Prims

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L$6500 Per Week - 65536 sqm - 5000 Prims

Cuddles Cavern

Visit now: ->>>  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cuddles Cavern/135/119/27

Adult SIM for Light Commercial / Markets / Residence use.

Ideal for Beaches and Private Islands

Estate Manager Rights Available

Build it how you want, We can help you in your project
Use your Groups. Terraform, Banlines allowed.
Buy price includes 1st week Rent
Pls IM CirusEvans Resident for the rent box location.


cuddles cay huts logo_002.png

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Could this be reset to Moderate instead of Adult, go to grass, and have the basic landform back to one of the basic sim styles that Linden will set up for you?

The later of those three is the least important to me, I can landscape/terraform pretty decently myself.

Finally, does payment need to be in Lindens or could it be simply a monthly PayPal in US$ for the $ equivalent ($112.47 currently)?

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