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Looking to join a couple as roommate

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Disclaimer: hello, I am a bi-male in RL, a female in SL and I prefer to be addressed by the pronouns she/her; I am mostly switch but feeling very submissive these days and willing to answer any questions you have about me so feel free to ask. So if this is not a problem for you, please keep reading!


I've been on this topic before, met some great people. Now back again to find something a bit more rewarding.

I am looking to rent a room in a couple's house (can be m/f or f/f) or family and be of use for them as maid, personal servant, involved in bondage games, little humiliations and be submissive to them in general. For the moment i am not interested in singles, sorry.

I have in the past served as a housekeeper/maid in two settings: the first for a b/d lifestyle couple who apart from taking full advantage of my domestic skills (with the use of scripted cleaning tools, of course!), used me in their bondage and discipline games as well as requiring that i took care of their sexual needs. The second position was for a couple who required that I kept all their precious houses in presentable shape and in addition required that i served at their private parties as a nude maid.

Here are some general info for you to get to know a bit about me. I am bisexual male in RL, i don't crossdress and i am not a sissy, even tought i made this kind of roleplay in world and i loved so much. I started as a male avatar in here then i got involved in forced feminization roleplay with a loving couple and stayed a female since then. I enjoy shopping, going new places, take photos and be photographed, video games, rock and metal music, tv shows and chatting. I am pretty laid back and tend to just go with the flow. I am told that I have a good sense of humor and tend to adapt well to new situations. I am a little shy at first and have a tendency to only speak when directly addressed. As a SL female, I am happiest when presenting myself showing i took great care with my appearance and people compliment me on this. By the way, I don't use voice and would prefer to live with people that use chat and not voice. Sorry, it's just a limit of mine.

I will, of course, dress and behave as you direct but deep in my heart i desire to be kept always naked and always kneeling. So, i hope i will find roommates who enjoy this and insist that i look and behave like that. Oh, i also love to wear a collar and be dragged around on a leash! Please remember that this this will not be a romantic relationship or a permanent ownership. I am fine living under a strictly service life at your place and will serve you in any and every way required. I have, want and need a social life outside my duties, but i am fine confining myself at home out of the way when I'm not needed or wanted or have nothing to do sorting my inventory, for example.  

I love to do chores and cleanings so probably i will rezz in my room some cleaning tools. If you would like me to keep clean your whole use too i am more than happy to do it!

So.... If you are looking for a roommate gurl who is very obedient you have found the right one! I love to serve and please others. Right now I would prefer that you are in my same time zone (SLT+9, Italy) but I would be more than fine for the right people if they are in different time zones and we can meet online frequently. 

I am open to any other arrangements that would be useful for ensuring you a nice, calm, enjoyable and stress-free SL. 

The deal is: you provide a home, structure, guidance and help make my kinks come true, and I provide my ongoing hard work, submission, complete obedience and dedication solely to your happiness. If you think you and your partner can put me to work focused solely on making your life better, please get in touch with me.


IW contact: Liv Simondsen

Discord: Liv Simondsen#1148

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I just want to say that even though what you're seeking doesn't align with MY SL, I hope the best for you and that you find an amazing couple that fits you. 

Also kudos for being upfront about the gender bending. I don't personally care, as I take people as they present in world, but I know a lot of people who do. 

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 327 days.

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