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Paradise Rental Project
Bjorn Parcel {FOR RENT}

Size: 2048 SQM
Price: L$850 weekly
Prims: 703 prims
Sim Rating: Moderate
Type: Mainland/Full Region
Feature: Beach Home/Private Island, Sailable Continent(Connected to Blake sea, Nautilus, Bingo strait), Have an access both Land and Sky, RadioStream Changeable. You can do whatever you want with the land as you please. Already Landscaped and Decorated, but it can be empty if requested. You can return the objects you don't want and keep the ones you like.



Own your private island now, whether you Fly or Sail.
Connected to  many different sailable regions. 
With a terrific access to protected water, Blake Sea & Nautilus.


Contact: Natsumi Latour or jjsantee Resident
-If offline leave me a notecard. I'll get back to you ASAP.

Paradise Rental Project Huge 2.png

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