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Texture Refresh issue.


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I hope I can explain this issue clearly. Over the last few days, while making clothes (applying textures to mesh blanks) I discovered a problem. I am at a loss for how to resolve it or why it is happening. I eliminated everything I could think of. It isn't the texture, my computer, my account, my viewer or the mesh blanks.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Apply a texture to a mesh blank - there are no scripts, no root prim, it is a single link, the texture is applied to all faces, there is no alpha, the texture is an old LL one
  2. Wear the item (or texture it while wearing it, it doesn't matter)
  3. Right click on the item in your inventory and select "texture refresh" - Texture becomes blurry or loses the details and becomes a solid color (LL denim becomes "blue")
  4. Right click on the item again and select "edit" Select the "texture" tab. The texture shown is blurry,  Text that says "loading" flashes across the square where the texture is and the garment looks normal again.

If I make an item and give it to another person, the same thing happens.  The texture that I applied (which everyone in SL has) becomes blurry.

Additional info

  1. I have cleared my cache - I went so far as to remove any viewer from my system, chase down the cache folders in the appdata and remove them before rebootin, redownloading and reinstalling the viewer again.
  2. I have tried 3 different computers, 3 different accounts and both Firestorm and the SL Viewer.
  3. I discovered the issue when making a set of clothing with a texture HUD. When trying to get the HUD to change the textures, I would get a solid color instead of the texture, so the blue denim would load onto the garment as just a solid blue. In the course of my trouble shooting I eliminated the HUD scripts, the root prim, the multi link mesh, the newer textures, my computer, my account. It happens with any texture, any mesh item (they are Full perm)
  4. I have been making mesh clothing with that HUD for over 5 years.  Stuff I made a week ago with the same blanks works fine, but if I try to make a new outfit the texture doesn't load correctly.

The texture shown in the pictures is FabricLeopardSkin-256x256 uploaded by newbietemplate Linden in 2006 - but it happens with new and old textures.

The "texture refresh" is how I reproduced the issue I was having while making the clothing (using the hud and not using the HUD).  I put it here to demonstrate what was happening, not that I need to use the texture refresh function.  Currently I can't make any clothing that will hold a texture. This is a new issue, less than a week.

UPDATE: I rezed a cube using the build tool, attached it to my avatar, textured it, selected "texture refresh" and the same thing happened.  So it is also not "mesh" clothing it is any prim that is attached to a avatar.

My Hubby's contribution is that it has something to do with mipmap levels.  My main issue is how do I load a texture (that has a UUID) pass it to someone else on an item and have the texture load incorrectly, partially or not at all.

Thank you



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 175 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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