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Mitzie Mohr

Blender Importing .dae File

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I'm a relatively new user of Blender using V. 2.49b. I've loaded in what seem to be the correct Primstar and Python items.  I've made some things and imported them into Second Life just fine following tutorials so have baked sculpties and imported them and textures I've assigned to them in Blender.

Using Sketchup I made a simple staircase and can convert it to a .dae file that I successfully imported into Blender using the "Second Life Sculptie (.tga. obj .dea)" option.  When it imports the only mode available is "Object."  When I select all and try to  "bake" the stairs into a sculptie under RENDER/BAKE SCULPTIE MESHES, nothing happens.

I've tried importing that same .dae file using Mixamo Collada 1.4.1 Importer but that program crashes blender on my Vista PC.

Any tips or help would be appreciated.  Sketchup is far simpler to use for my purposes so would like to be able to import the work done there.






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