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I can't mod a script I wrote!?

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So, a script that I wrote, in a thing that I own, that has never (as far as I can recall) been not-owned by me, has suddenly become no-mod, and won't let me edit it !?

Firstly, I thought I read somewhere that the original creator of a thing always had full perms on it, but more pertinently, any steps I should take before submitting a support ticket in frustrated confusion?

It was fairly simple and I could re-write it, but it would be a bit of a pain, as it has some fiddly guess-and-check parameters. . . 

Edit/Update: I took it into my inventory, and made it full perm, after which I was able to edit it. Really weird glitch though. . .

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OOooooooh. You can't edit scripts in locked objects, and an object remains "locked" after you take it into your inventory. "You do not have permission to edit this" could have been made a lot clearer. Sorry for answering my own question. . .

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