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How many script allow for Full Region sim

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Hi guys..i not sure how many Homestead and Private Full Region sim script allow ...Curently im only a 1/4 sim Private full region with about 1700 vendors..BSM script . But lately nextdoor told the sim lord that the sim very lag ...The sim lord say i cost the lag ...But later i go to Debug > Get top Script ...and it only show 1 or 2 script that " day " high .


My question how many Private full region scripts allow and what the limit of time and Mono consider i over lag the sim ?



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1700 vendors could be the problem especially if many of them are each pulling .100 ms.


My equation works as follows - a maximum of 24ms for an entire full prim sim. I have a mix of regions that generally consist of:-  2 x 16386 sq.'s - 2 x 8196 sq.m and a couple of 4096 sq.m parcels.


The 4096 sq.m parcels should never exceed 1.5 ms of maximum script time.

8096 sq.m should never exceed 3.00 ms and a 16384 sq.m (1/4 sim) should not exceed 6.00 ms.


These amounts are maximum values (12ms total for the whole sim would be something to aim for)  - carefully scanning an entire region is the only way to properly maintain levels below this amount.  


A single scan of a sim, parcel, avatar name or "get top script " list from the debug menu is sometimes misleading as script times can spike up very high or lay dormant. It could just be one object out of the 15000 causing the sim to slow. Refresh the list over and over..


If possible,  continually refresh the Get Top Script list over an hour or so to get a more accurate reading.


Looking elsewhere. Search for physical or temp rez objects.


In the debug/ get top scripts - click TIME at the top of the Time  column (5th Column from the right) check if anything is Temp Rezzing - (these are often called "1prim" or "2 prim" objects) - This column shows the time of day that the object was razzed. Click the TIME button at the top to sort the list so that the newest rezzed objects an be easily seen.


The heavy handed approach is to open Top Scripts menu and click the top of the first column TIME to sort the highest scripts to the top of the list - then proceed returning the scripted objects while monitoring the Sim Stats menu until Time Dilation sits at 1.00 and the Total Frame Time sits at less than 22.3 ms. Above 23.3 Total Frame Time indicates a problem.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3601 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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