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Interior Designer needed!

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I am hiring an affordable Interior Designer for my new penthouse on the Upper East Side in New Yor City. The skybox is the "Downtown" Loft from Onsu.

Expected Style
The desired style for the apartment and its balconies shall be somewhat (ultra)modern with a luxurious and classy, but clean touch. I dislike kitsch, too playful and too colorful things.
I own a collection of precious and rare modern art paintings that I will place throughout the apartment. Thus the decoration should not distract too much.
Most importantly, I want for the apartment to look "used" and not like a fake facade straight out of a magazine. I actually live here and I want for the apartment to reflect this.
As I'm a Roleplayer, furniture (such as kitchen appliances, beds, couches, etc.) need to be functional and with decent animations.

Additional Information
- I'm needing complete interior design, from furniture over decorations to plants.
- New businesses and entry level designers are more than welcome to apply, to gain another reference!
- I don't mind you taking some snapshots of the finished apartment for your references.
- I don't have a lot of time, so I am seeking for a business that doesn't mind discussing things via voice in SL or Discord!

If your're interested, please send a notecard to Michael Blackwood with your ToS, references, available times and your rates. I will then get in touch with you, so we can meet and discuss further details. Thank you so much in advance!

Kind regards,

Michael Blackwood
CEO Bluestone Capital S.A.

Edited by Michael Blackwood
Added using voice as requirement.
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I would like to thank everyone for your quick reaction and your notecards! I am absolutely amazed how many replies I've received by so many talented and wonderful people! I will begin looking through the notecards now, to then get in touch with one or two businesses for further details.

But please don't be discouraged by that - feel free to keep your offer coming! 🙂

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