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Question about Horizon's mainland own environment setting

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Hi everyone,

My question is how to reset the Horizons shared environment setting.

I have land in Horizons. This special mainland has it's own specification, among which its own shared environment. A softer, lighter tone environment (previously windlight).

Is this environment maybe available in Library? What is it called?

Because If I click Default (or Sunrise, Noon, Sunset, Midnight) on Horizons land, the environment will go to Second Life's default, not Horizon's own shared environment setting. I would like to experiment with EEP and also apply different ones to my parcel. But I would like to have the possibility to return to Horizon's default (which is not the same as SL's default). I hope I explained this correctly.

Does anyone know this?

Best wishes, Aegir.

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Actually, I'm stumped, too, even trying to use the region environment settings for regular old Mainland. It would be extremely helpful if somebody could suggest how it's intended to work, if we want to copy the existing region environment so we can tweak it slightly.

What I thought should work was to start with the region environment daycycle, use "customize" to be able to save a copy to inventory, then tweak, occasionally saving tweaks, and applying them to parcel. At first that kinda appeared to work, except the sun position wasn't quite the same as the region: shadows would change when stepping across the parcel border onto unedited land, even though I'd carefully kept what I'd supposed to be the region cycle settings. After a while (and a gazillion viewer restarts to try to start afresh) I got so I wasn't sure what it was even doing when I tried to customize what I intended to be a copy of the region environment. Sometimes, instead of the region environment I was trying to use, it seemed to start from whatever I last saved in the Settings folder, even if I had never applied it to the particular parcel I was trying to edit from scratch. But frankly it's such a confusing user interface I'm not sure whether I'm finding a bunch of bugs or if this is really how somebody is successfully using it for something.

I do not know what that Library "Default" daycycle is, nor how it relates to Mainland. And from what I've seen I doubt regular Mainland settings are the same as Bellisseria (nor, I guess, Horizons), but I'm not sure what I'm even testing anymore.

If the script API weren't so crippled I'd try to answer some of these questions myself by calling llGetEnvironment and torturing the data until they confess, but there's too much missing to be able to make any progress that way. Very frustrating.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 180 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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