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Parade Of Homes 2022 Calendar

The staff at Parade of Homes Review hope you enjoy our gift.

A 2022 Calendar, featuring photos of some of the homes on our listing. Just rez the calendar, it's only 1 LI, and place it on a wall. Each month a new photo image will be revealed, showcasing that month's photo. We hope you all enjoy our gift. Stop by and pick up a calendar at the Parade of Homes Office.
Landmark:  Parade of Homes Office

Cover Photo by: Prudence Anton
Photos by: Teresa Firelight
Scripting & Calendar template by: North Crannock


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Parade of Homes: Resident Owned Place of Interest - Sweet Blooms Florist
This week's feature article by Teresa Firelight showcases the Sweet Blooms Florist shoppe.



Also find our recently added homes listing at the bottom of her article.  There are 6 new additions, including some of the newly released Newbrooke home models.

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