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14 hours ago, PrudenceAnton said:

Stepping down

There comes a time in life, when your priorities in first life must be attended to and that time in my own life has come upon me and my family.

After much consideration I have finally come to the decision that I will be retiring after 2+ years of volunteering my time to the community of Bellisseria. At the end of September, I will be stepping down from my roles with the BBB, the Parade of Homes and as a Citizen moderator.  I will continue on with the Bellis Blues Cafe after a bit of a break.

I have enjoyed every moment of my time helping bring the excitement and wonder I've found in the Bellisseria community and sharing my discoveries with others. Thank you everyone.

Remember, Bellisseria is our community, please keep it thriving.

Warmest regards to all,
Prudence Anton

Footnote:  I am working on turning the Parade of Homes blog listing over to a new manager to keep this feature going for the community.

Im so sorry to hear this but ofc real life always comes first. You have done such amazing work for the community. Hard to fill those shoes as someone else said. Take care of yourself and your family now. Hope to see you in Bellisseria when you have more time ❤️

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Hello all,

I'm seeking an assistant to help with the Bellisseria Parade of Homes web blog.  If you have some free time and would like to volunteer your efforts in helping out, please contact me in world at PrudenceAnton.

You'll need experience with photography and using GIMP along with blogging experience.  Projects you might help with are the Decorator's Find of the Week, PoH Home of the Month feature article and the PoH Resident Owned Place of Interest of the Month feature article, along with processing and adding new Parade of Homes applications.

You'll need the passion to give your time freely to our community in your work, patience and a friendly demeanor when working with Bellisseria residents.  Thank you ahead of time, to those that show an interest in this project.

Best regards,


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PoH: Decorator's Find Of The Week 9.26.21

Check out this week's Parade of Homes Decorator's Find of the Week for September 26, 2021. Also look at our newest Parade of Homes listings added this last week.

Decorator's Find of the Week & New Listings: 9.26.21

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October - Resident Owned Place of Interest

This week's feature article, by Teresa Firelight, is October's Resident Owned Place of Interest: https://lastditch.typepad.com/belli_parade_of_homes/

Fiona's Decorator's Find of the Week & Weekly Update Listing: https://lastditch.typepad.com/belli_parade_of_homes/2021/10/decorators-find-of-the-week-101021.html

Join our Group:  secondlife:///app/group/5ba26786-df18-668b-f4da-1fb1adb798ad/about

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