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Favorite Places to Explore


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I was wondering if anyone has any favorite places to explore, in such an amazing world of SL there is just so much to do and so many wonderful people.

Could someone share some nice places to go one of mine is Waterfalls of Dreams, it is so elegant and beautiful, I love castles and just beautiful creations

Have a wonderful day everyone

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recently i visited the dive shop, i don't have a slurl on me but it's currently featured in the destination guide and should be easy enough to find... i easily spent a good 20-30 minutes just swimming around there, it's mostly water and is probably the most impressive underwater environment i've ever seen in sl

more general, i also really like walking around family rp communities (especially the super big multi-sim ones like fox hollow and cedar creek), particularly as a feral cat avatar playing the role of a stray cat. though these places are often very intensive on computers (at least on my old laptop), theyre usually really pretty and i get some funny interactions when im a stray cat there (i get to meow at people)

and i mean....... if self promo (if it even counts as self promo because im not logged into sl so i cant copy the slurl) isn't outlawed i do genuinely enjoy re-exploring my own sim, considering i created it specifically to be a big ol place i could explore in. especially since i learned more advanced meshing and have been creating my own stuff more, i can kinda make the place i want to make. no place like home, i suppose

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