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Create A Desktop Wallpaper Using A 360 Degree Panoramic SL Image

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In previous SL-Inspiration tutorials we've covered how to use Second Life images to create desktop wallpapers, both as a gallery of images and as an animated wallpaper.

Another subject we've covered in depth is how to create 360 degree panoramic images in Second Life, the hud you'll need to buy from the Marketplace, and the choice of software needed to stitch the images together.

In this tutorial these two elements are brought together to create a desktop wallpaper using a 360 degree panoramic image created in Second Life.

Click to view the tutorial.

This video shows the 360 panorama used in the tutorial, (The video itself however is not part of the tutorial). Drag the image around as you would with any 360 panorama. When the video is paused the 360 panorama can still be viewed and moved around, although the 'next video' box will probably need to be closed.




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