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Portraits or selfies or something else?

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Having been brought into the world of Second Life photography by Angela Thespian (FOCUS Magazine editor) and then moving in RL into drawing, I guess is was inevitable that I'd end up taking portrait photos in Second Life and then using charcoal, pen-and-ink, graphite pencil, etc in RL to create images on paper -- and then uploading them back to SL for folks who wanted drawings.  (And curiously, I have more demand for black and white images than for color ones).  I only do work for friends btw, and I never charge one linden for them.  It's not about money.  Actually a lot of it is what drew me to Second Life in the first place: seeing things in new ways.   Am I the only one who draws images of things or of avatars that I have only "seen" in Second Life? 


Dahlia 7 17 21_SL.png

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