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56 minutes ago, CronoCloud Creeggan said:

I sometimes say that certain retailers in SL are basically the same store because their items are so similar.  One ruffled top with detached sleeves from one creator and a very similar or the exact same top from another.  To put it more directly, several retailers are trying to be Blueberry....Scandalize...I'm lookin at you.

And as for the fast fashion stores, many SL avatars look like the models on those fast fashion websites.  The tans, the hair, the makeup, the accessories.

This is also true: there are quite a few brands that are actually a team, not one creator. Which is the reason they’re able to pump out so many items, for so many events. They have a production line for creating items.

Yes, this is also true about people patterning their avatars after “fast fashion” (I like that term!). If you look on a site like Fashion Nova, you will see a lot of avatars that look and dress like their models.

Fast fashion is great! I’m going on vacation to Aruba in a couple weeks and I sure did log onto Shein and bought a whole bunch of vacation clothes and bikinis for super low prices. How can you go wrong with a $7 dress? Well a lot can go wrong, but still…it was $7!

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