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Photography: Still Life, Landscape, Portraits, and 'Selfies'

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I wonder if most people realize the extent to which they reveal themselves in the kinds of images that they create in Second Life and post to Flickr. 

I'm active in the FOCUS Magazine group both in SL and Flickr and as part of the small tribe that is more still life and landscape oriented, I'm struck by much attention is paid to the human form.  It's not just sexuality, either.  A lot of the images people create seem (note that word) intended to be about 'showing a good face' (or other parts of the human anatomy). 

My reveal: I grew up in the woods as a kid and playing with others was mostly about adventures amid the trees and rocks.  I won't bore you with stories, but when we moved off our dirt road to a town when I was seven, it was a major shock.  I guess my love of backpacking shows too in what I photograph --- yep. Lots of sweeping vistas!

So, in what ways does your personality, personal RL history, loves, emotional life, and so on reflect when you take photos in Second Life.  (Narcissists are especially encouraged to explain why they like to take and post hundreds of selfies!  As for those of us entranced with rocks, waves, fogs, and so on, I know you'll explain that, right? Ha, ha, ha)

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