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[Beginner Tools] Starter Mesh .obj File for Substance or Photoshop

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When I first started painting on mesh I had the default Robin Wood's 2005 release. The problem with that body was that it wasn't properly UV unwrapped by the time I got it.

I got that fixed and then my seams got a lot cleaner, but then I switched to Substance and learned that the UDIMs were not set up properly on my mesh file for substance, so I ended up working on that for too long and made a substance compatible mesh so one can paint across all the seams.

I've decided that these corrected projects should be somewhere people can once again find.

You can download the project files here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dMFFUCGzDNzc93-UBrbla-6YF7oQk7DP?usp=sharing

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