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To Hang Out | To Make Out | What Exactly is The Intention?

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7 hours ago, Lewis Luminos said:

Sometimes that is the case.

Other times, "hang out" means "let's have sex, except I'm not going to tell you yet because I know you'll go away if I do".

Did you read the last line of my post?


I will say that there are times when hanging out leads to making out but that doesn't make them the same thing.


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7 hours ago, Caroline Takeda said:

This being the question.

Is the intention (in an SL context) most of the times that one thing leads to the other.

From my own experiences in the past 17-18 years, I'd have to say, "more often than not, yes". That does not mean all of them are like that just most of the ones I've encountered.

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In the past couple of days I've been once in similar situation. Met a random guy in a random sim, we talked for a while and he seemed very nice. Later I offered him to hang out and chat more, 5 minutes into hang out and chat he starts going all romantic on me wanting to cuddle and etc... So that didn't last but I figured maybe he was feeling that way in the moment. In the following days I offered him couple of times to hang out since both of us weren't doing anything particular. Every single time he went into romantic mode!

I now find that person very annoying because I know I can't have normal conversation without it turning into attempt for something else... ¬¬

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