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Medcore Industries is now hiring!

Who are we? - Medcore industries specialize in all things, whether it be roleplay (EMS personnel, Fire personnel, dispatching, news reporting, etc.) or non roleplay (Blogging, photography, management, production, scripting, meshing, building, etc). We plan to run our EMS and Fire teams on multiple different roleplay sims. We provide all equipment and training. We promise to provide the most realistic and positive job experience you have ever had in Second Life. What makes us different is you get paid to roleplay or not!

How we operate? - You chose the job you like from the list below, you apply for the position via our website application, if hired you will be given available times to train, we will then train you for the job.

Pay? - You're paid very different than most other companies in Secondlife. You clock in whenever you feel like working and you get paid hourly or salary depending on position. You're not paid lindens, you're paid a special inworld currency. BUT BEFORE YOU STOP READING you are allowed to cash out said currency, weekly for lindens, OR use the currency for benefits that no other job has.

Benefits? - Yes that's right benefits! By working for us you will be able to rent an apartment, house, or skybox of your choice using this currency you work for! As well as buy exclusive items and gifts cards from different stores. All homes and stores are located on our main sim headquarters! (Currently being remodeled) 


(Currently not a lot of positions as we're revamping everything. If you don't see a position available you want, I recommend you still apply so we will have you on file as a lot of positions will open shortly)

1.) Recruiter

2.) Manager

3.) EMS Personnel

4.) Fire Personnel

5.) Headquarters Security

6.) Dispatchers

7.) Blogger

8.) Photographer

9.) Planner

(More jobs to come, please apply even if you don't see a current position you like)


If you have any questions please contact me inworld if offline leave me a notecard.

Contact: Mister Sassypants



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 74 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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