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Mirror Water windlight?

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Hey all.

I'm wondering if anyone knows a place online where I can download the mirror water windlight that comes in Firestorm.  I want to use it in Black Dragon and I went to Strawberry's blog to DL it but box.com is being stubborn and NOT downloading.  SO!  If anyone else is able to assist with pointing me towards the xml somewhere, please let me know (IM is quicker, but you can reply here too).  Thank you so much!

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You can take a copy from Firestorm. A bit tedious. I am assuming both viewer versions use Windlight EEP.

In Firestorm, open Environments and find Mirror Water. Click the gear, usually near the bottom-left of the panel - depending which panel you have open, and with Mirror Water selected pick COPY.

Open your inventory. Find the system folder SETTINGS. Paste Mirror Water into this folder. Log off.

Login with BD and you'll find Mirror Water in inventory. But to use it, open Dragon->World->Environment Editor->Edit Water*. Click the drop down in the lower left of the panel. You'll see System and Inventory Presets. Mirror Water will be in the later.

*You can also use Environment Settings to set the water. If you do lots of environment changes then click the double lines at the top of the last section to tear off the menu and put it wherever on your screen.

FYI: you would probably have gotten your answer more quickly if you had posted your question in the Answers section of the forum. Of you might have found the answer there with a search and not had any wait.

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