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Please have a seat

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Please take a seat.

One annoyance reported by new users is going into a room and finding it full of avatars doing nothing who won't talk to you. I previously suggested a way to avoid Linden safe hubs becoming cluttered with lost bots and AFKs. Just get them to sit down. If an avatar doesn't move or type for a long time, sit them in a seat. That's makes it clear they're waiting, not participating. It's harmless.

So here's a demo, on one of my parcels. It's a simple experience script. Get within 20m of the bench, do nothing for 30 seconds, and you'll get an experience popup. If you allow it, it sits you on the bench. That's all. It won't eject an avatar. It's a light touch solution to the problem.

This is most useful in places which already have an experience enabled, which Linden safe hubs do. At a hub, one would use a much longer timer, maybe an hour. 30 seconds is just for this proof of concept demo.

Try the demo at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vallone/175/16/36 and comment, please.

(Removed the extra copies of the picture. The forum uploader was reporting errors on uploads and it took several tries.)

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