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What are some of the most active equestrian communities/horse riding clubs in Second Life?


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Hello everyone,

I've been looking to get into the equestrian community here in SL for the longest time, but besides very occasionally being invited by friends on casual rides on trails, I've never been able to find and attend any events, particularly regularly occurring events that focus on things like endurance riding, carriage riding, showmanship and eventing; cross-country, dressage and show jumping. I see equipment, furniture and attire being sold for these events at a few different equestrian sims, but I've never been able to get involved myself. 

I've joined a few equestrian groups and "riding clubs" which have the most members; I look for groups which regularly post notices about events and meetings, particularly those that have events at a variety of different times and I avoid those that have no prior notices at all. Yet I've never received as much as a single notice from most of these groups, and the ones that do come in are for events that are held at times which make it almost impossible to attend due to my time zone. 

I've contacted some group members occasionally, but they either tell me to wait for the events to be hosted or say that they're not actually active in the group. Very occasionally I get to spend time with some who either show me around the sim or invite me to go on a casual trail ride with them, but nothing beyond that. I want to get involved in some roleplay and community meetings but there never seems to be any sort of roleplay happening anywhere in the community.

I just want to get actively involved in the equestrian community, preferably with focus on English riding; are there any groups which regularly post notices and hold events? The group chat in all the groups I've been in are hardly ever active, even if I start talking in the group chat - is there a group in the equestrian community which has plenty of sustained activity in group chat, like the Drivers of SL group or the Passengers of SL group?

Any helpful input would be very much appreciated;


- Charlotte Sinclair 

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As far as I am aware, only the Teegle community is still very active in terms of actually having people attend it's events. I would encourage you to go to Teegle, join the Teegle group and Teegle Events group, and ask in the chat about some of the sims that are active and currently hosting events. Teegle also has a very active Discord and Flickr. I'm surprised you missed them, because we have very many people active in the community every day.

Here are some sims you can check out:

Evergarden Equestrian:

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gooseberry Meadows/128/128/2

Future Equestrians:

Toor Equestrians:


Maple Leaf Riding Center:


Teegle Main Sim:


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Posted (edited)

Thank you for your reply, Monstaar.

I haven't had much luck with Teegle; I have never been able to receive any notices from them, only when I left the group and re-joined did I receive a single notice about an upcoming event, which was hosted at at time when I wasn't available. It's a pity, because they do seem to be very active and host very good events. While I don't use Discord and I'm hardly active on Flickr, the events did stand out to me.

I was hoping there were some smaller groups which happen to be very active, if anybody knows of any. I'm sure there are other folks out there who are into these kind of things and host events; otherwise there wouldn't be much point to keeping these sims running, and there being so many of them.

Edit: I joined some of the groups for the sims you listed; we'll see how it goes. Fingers crossed ;)

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Posted (edited)

Thank you Mr Amore,

I have been a member of the Bellisseria Riding Club for quite a while; 

Usually there's some discussion in the group chat but I've never been able to join in on any of the trail rides they host. I went riding with one member one time, but that's about it.  For a very long time afterwards, there was no visible activity in the group from what I can tell. No group chat, no notices coming my way. I'm looking for a group that offers more than just trail rides; something that has a more broader equestrian focus. I'm particular interested in shows and show jumping.

I haven't received any notices from any of the above groups that I joined, although I've reached out to some members.  I've had mixed results in different communities, not just the equestrian community, some bad, some excellent, but they don't seem too interested in doing more than just chat.

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