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The Gentle Breath of Scripts Award

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Choosing was difficult. As always in the cases of creative contest winners, the choices are a summary and a compromise.
A summary of the quality and expertise of all the photographers in the contest that have fought on equal terms. 
A compromise, because the criteria by which we judged the winning works and photographers have been many, not only the personal taste.

I personally loved so many shots that made my job as a judge and selector difficult. All photographers deserve applause, and all have a place of honor in my ideal photo gallery.

And so it will be in "The Gentle Breath of Script" Catalog, which we're going to put together this summer with all the photos on display that will be available in the marketplace and in the first room of the exhibit in Havna Bay.

We are also working on a web version, and... I stop, I don't want to add anything else, it will be a surprise.

In September we will resume the organization of other events, contests, and exhibitions of the best photographers and not only. 
I invite you to directly see the works of the winners in Havna Bay 
thank you again to all participants and I hope to see you soon participating in our next initiatives.


------------------->> Winner<<---------------------

title: the Crow's Nest. 2015-1
category: Ports and sea towns

title People 2020-1
category People of the sea

title: EEP Guardian Windlight
category: Sails and sailboats

title: Ushuaia + Bandit 60 (no racing ;)
category: Regattas and races


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