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Second Request to Connect Route 8A and Route 8C on Satori - Forum Awareness and Opinions


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I am only posting this here as well to raise some awareness to this problem and the request itself, so anyone interested in supporting the request can join the conversation here, and also follow and comment on the feature request here:



This is the second time since last November that a clear path of abandoned land shows between Route 8A and Route 8C on the Southern part of Satori. This is important because these two roads have never been connected by Linden Lab, even though they are only one region away from each other. It really isn't hard to connect the two roads, and some people with the resources and willingness have done that at this area before, but since early 2020, the roads are mostly not connected as the private landowners weren't able or motivated to keep up their own roads between them. By late 2020, this resulted in several landowners interested in this area, owning parcels along Route 8C, abandoning their lands and moving to other areas, or even giving up owning land at all, because of the Lab's reluctance to improve the infrastructure of the area, and connecting the two roads.

Previously in last November, some of these people, before making the final decision to give up their lands, wanted to make a request that Route 8A and 8C would be properly connected by Linden Lab, however, eventually it was only me alone that made the request. I promoted the idea at a user group meeting, where all the Lindens present told me it was a good suggestion, and I should file a feature request in the JIRA. I proceeded to do so, however, a few days later, all the abandoned lands on the roadsides in question were already set for sale to a certain person by one of the Lindens that has approved the suggestion to connect the roads on the meeting! Of course, if we were to ask any questions about this, the Lab would have said it was just a coincidence, so I didn't even ask questions. It was obviously the Linden way to deal with this issue. No, no, wait, alright, let's just assume it was a very unfortunate coincidence indeed, and it isn't going to happen again?!

I just noticed recently that a new opportunity occurred to resolve this issue, and have the two roads connected. In the feature request posted above, and in this post below, you will see there is a new clear way between Route 8A and 8C in Varean and Osiliers, even larger than previously, a 55 meters wide purely abandoned land between the two roads. A road obviously doesn't need to be 55 meters wide, it is fine with only 20, this also means it doesn't have to be right next to current private parcels (there are only 2 at the moment) and it also doesn't have to be right at the region border, because it would be quite disastrous for those that would use the road with vehicles - actually, it would be still better than no road at all - so there is really enough room to make a road now, LL, and then you can also set the new roadside parcels for auction, you would be surprised, they would sell quickly. Infrastructure improvement always makes land more desirable, this works in both worlds.


Here are the details of the land where the connection can be made:

Corner points of the free (abandoned) area that can be used as a road at the moment:

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Varean/52/1/83 - Southeast corner at Route 8A

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Varean/92/55/85 - Northeast corner at Route 8A

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Osiliers/29/55/73 - Northwest corner at Route 8C

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Osiliers/16/1/68 - Southwest corner at Route 8C

(This is a much larger area than it is needed for an actual road, as I have pointed out above.)


This is the area outlined on the map:



Especially as Satori is connected to Bellisseria near this area, it is important to make certain development in this part of the continent. While a protected waterway is desperately needed for sailing and safe aviation through this area as well, just west of here at the Southwest coast of Satori, it is just as important to acknowledge these roads have been here for several years (a decade?) and for some reason they have never been connected, while it would be very easy to do so. There is a good opportunity right now. If residents occasionally decide to buy land to make something road-like between them, it can give a bit of relief and satisfaction for a few weeks or a few months, but it is nothing like when we have a properly made road maintained by Linden Lab to drive on. If you would like to support this suggestion, please let your voice be heard at the feature request at the link above. Thank you. :)


Also, I will just tag @Patch Linden and @Alexa Linden here so they can see the post, in case they would be interested in the idea as well and it wouldn't reach them otherwise.

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I second that !  Please connect the road !!!!  

Please, please, please connect this Road so we can drive to Bellissera! 

Exploring  our vast contiguous Mainland is why I'm here and its important for many others who enjoy an immersive travel experience and a realistic way to commute over the Mainland.  This is an important issue with a rare and timely opportunity to complete the road now. 

I will make cookies for anyone who will help and I hate to cook and bake so they will probably be crappy but it IS that important.  

Many thanks to Aletta for her diligence in traveling our Roads to ensure they are kept passable and not obstructed and discovering this RARE opportunity to JOIN up the Protected Roadway!!

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I will watch the Jira with interest and hope... Whilst the broken bridge is fun... Those roads really should have a connection.

Route 8 now has a rail connection that functions all the way down to Yeeowler via the Satori Southern Railway 

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3 minutes ago, Eirynne Sieyes said:

(road request, not really a bug, but still...)

You can use the same-looking form for a Bug Report OR a Feature Request! ♥  Sign in with your SL login info ♥ 


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added screenshot of Feature Request
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Here's a color-coded map of each 4x4 section you can use to help plan:


Purple - abandoned land
Light Blue - Linden rez area
Light Green - Linden no-rez area
Blue - public access rez area
Green - public access no-rez area
Yellow - ban lines and rez area
Red - ban lines and no-rez area

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