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Hello! I'm currently looking into becoming a DJ in SL, but I was wondering if there's a place where I can test out the audio to make certain everything works before I start booking gigs.

I do have a little DJ experience IRL, mostly with EDM and it's insane amount of subgenres (all of which I adore), and I already have my Serato DJ  Pro software. I don't have my turntables since I had to leave them behind before a recent move, but idk if they're necessary for the small gigs I wanna do for the time being. I can still do seamless mixes without them. All I need now is a place to make sure everything I have currently works and is set up correctly so that I don't ROYALLY f*ck up a set.

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25 minutes ago, bigmoe Whitfield said:

Look on the marketplace for a shoutcast host to rent,  I'll ask a friend to see if you can test on his island.

Oh thank you! I'll go ahead and pick up a 7 day one right now, then.

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Public region available for testing voice through an echo channel.
You will only be able to hear yourself and no one else.
This is not a sandbox.



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