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looking for a large breasted elf girl

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7 hours ago, Maitimo said:

World of Warcraft. Gnomes and at least half of the elves (night elves) are even on the same side. It would be difficult though, given the size difference. The whole gnome would fit in there. 

All he has to do is tie a board across his backside so he doesn't fall in.

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5 hours ago, Orwar said:

   Macrophilia is pretty widespread these days, and often an important part of vorarephilia. Whilst out and about with Neph once, I was approached by a guy with a teeny tiny avi that offered a ridiculous amount of L$ for me to 'vore' him. I said no, so he almost doubled the already ridiculous offer .. Like, almost a month's worth of RL rent level ridiculous. I went with telling him off and blocking him. 

Wow, I'd totally do vore under those conditions. . .

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