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looking for a large breasted elf girl

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im looking to settle down with a cute elf women feel free to message me in game i like going to the clubs all kinds im full mesh i can be silent at times but im very nice and easy to get along with

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5 minutes ago, Quistessa said:

Is that a Lelutka line? that's the main result I got with a quick MP search.

Yes, sorry.  I didn't notice it had spell checked me. EvoX.    Lelutka's new branch of the Evolution line of heads.

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3 hours ago, Quistessa said:

Oooh, What's the LI and where can I get one?

From L to R, land impact while nude is 181, 176 & 147.

They each use an ASR - Aeon head and Utilizator - Kemono body + kemono body mods.

The hair is probably the cause for a majority of the land impact.

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