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1/4 Parcels for rent 5k L's a week 7500 prims

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The Hoolyville Sim offers quarter parcels, each housing 7500 prims for 5000 lindens a week. These parcels can be used for residential and commercial purposes and is also perfect for those that need workspaces for their builds with landscaping and decorating. Our tenants have ranged from those with families to business owners and event planners looking for a space to hold their clients.
We are very responsive to tenant inquiries and assisting. You will have full rights to your parcel, including naming of your parcel and access rights. We have no build limits and you are free to build on any elevation.
For every month you pay, you will receive a free week on your tier. We also house an event space on the same sim that is dedicated for mass events that is connected with our second sim next door. Outside of these events, it is a very quiet sim with minimal to no latency issues.
If you are interested, please contact Maela Forcella or Novel Popinjay inworld! Our IM's do get capped so please send us a notecard a
s well if we are not online.


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