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So, I recently played another game (Yes, I know SL isn't a "game") and, to be honest it was actually pretty bad, but it actually managed to throw me into some fun 1-on-1 roleplay fairly quickly and easily, so I want to discuss it a bit, and ask if some of the same design principles can or should be applied to SL.

So, in broad strokes here's how the game plays (I'm avoiding mentioning the exact name or theme of the game A) because I'm not advertising it, and B) because it's a bit embarrassing :P )

  • You start off with a basic introduction to the theme which doesn't really tutorialize anything, but does do a fairly decent job setting the vibe of the game.
  • after spending a few days in your room (Oh yeah, this game has a barely used time system which ticks by at about 1 day every 4 minutes. . .) figuring out how the controls work, you can travel to any of the other 5 room in the game (yes, the game only has 6 rooms) which were briefly visited in the intro.
  • If there's another online player queuing for that room, you get dropped into the room in a one-on-one conversation where you can use various 'abilities' on each other, otherwise if you're in the room alone you can search the room for items and abilities, which you can pick up at about 1 per minute.

And that's basically it. you jump from room to room bumping into them and talking. There are a couple other niceties like a basic friends system, and cosmetics (the clothing didn't even reflect on your character, and the "colors" were just names next to the items :/) but it really was that bare bones, which lead me to see that you really only need 3 things for a RP:

  1. Some people,
  2. a place,
  3. and a hook.

With just some minimal systems, I was able to have some fun RP that was at least on par with some of my RP experiences on SL, and while that game was a bit of a one-trick-pony, it left me wishing that SL had some better systems in place for finding RP; so, being a scripter, I did think of a few ideas for how some sort of RP-matching HUD would work, but before trying to solve a problem that maybe doesn't exist or has already been solved, I wanted to ask:

  • How do y'all go about finding people to RP with?
  • If there were some sort of scripted system to find rp partners would it be helpful at all? would you use it?
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ย  ย I seldom actively seek roleplayers specifically. I'll occasionally chat up people who post in the RP section of the forums if they seem interesting, but other than that I just interact with enough people that I've gotten to know a fair few people who do RP. The one activity I do which targets roleplayers is just hunting with Bloodlines, which I do very seldom, but which is a great way to make friends and find people to RP with.ย 

ย  ย I've come to strongly dislike the idea of RP sims over the years, along with most organised RP in general; the whole reading through pages of backstory (that more often than not appears to be written in the style ofย a fourth grader), making accounts on random web pages, having someone claim the authority to accept or deny your characters, having cliques of friends or partners of sim owners who expect to be treated like princesses and who'll likely try to get you banned or bullied if you don't stroke their chandelieresque egos - I can do without all of that.

ย  ย To me, all RP needs is someone to play with and a setting. Both parties can then discuss what sort of situation they want to play out, and have at it.

ย  ย A scripted system feels as if it'd end up like Tinder, some poor sods would kept getting swept to the .. Left (right?) and others would have people queuing to hang out with them.ย 

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33 minutes ago, Orwar said:

A scripted system feels as if it'd end up like Tinder, some poor sods would kept getting swept to the .. Left (right?) and others would have people queuing to hang out with them.ย 

The general Idea I had though is that you would Queue to a scenario, rather than specific people. Maybe I'm weird, but I'd be more willing to 'swipe right (left?)' on a corny roleplay scenario than I would a overly verbose description of family history and hair color.

I agree that "organized RP" with all the character backstory and 'detailed' settings seems like it has its problems, which I would rather avoid.

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I just pop into RP sims that I have joined, watch a few round of posts and decide whether or not I want to join the RP. I found the RP sims using search. I will also post a lure in the RP sim's Discord to see if anyone is interested.

If you mean long-term RP partners, I usually propose something long-term if I find someone that's compatible with my post style, schedule and get along with OOC. This tends to take a long time but being patient usually pays off for me.

I've seen others post advertisements about their character and proposed stories in groups solely for RP partner searches. This happens in this forum too sometimes.


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