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36 minutes ago, Rat Luv said:

Thought you meant somebody who likes Marmite 🤢

Marmite is the closest thing to a spreadable orgasm in a jar that mankind has yet devised. Its tragic that you appear to have a defective tongue.

Also, in the unlikely event that an extremely wealthy but terminally ill gentleman is reading this and is disappointed with the turn this thread has taken......

Hiya :D..........IM me. Must love Trans girls and Marmite.

Actually, if your really, really rich, I can overlook the Marmite thing.

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On 6/14/2021 at 1:45 AM, SlavicBeauty said:

I am looking for a sick man for a relationship. For joint plans, enjoyable time and more.

You can write to me in the world if you are interested: Slavicbeauty resident




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