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Game of Homes - What they don't want you knowing.. =)

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3 hours ago, Maitimo said:

The only way I've found to prevent this from happening is to use an alt to claim the house you just abandoned, then try again on your main, and then release the unwanted one from the alt. However I then generally find that there are no further houses available for that theme, which means the one you caught and abandoned is currently the only single one in circulation.

I tried this about a month ago and ended up with two chalets next door to each other, whereupon I decided to make the best of it and use all the prims to furnish the first house I'd claimed. That was quite fun, but then I decided I wanted something beachy for summer and the alt ended up accidentally landing a houseboat, from which she refuses to budge until she collects her 45-day signup bonus and I kick her off premium.

(The main has now picked up a stilt which will do quite nicely for now, once I've derendered the full-bright trees and weird homemade prim fencing next door.)

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4 hours ago, Nika Talaj said:

Mayyybe.  Or maybe he's just being punny - Game of Thrones/Homes?



No, it means they're obviously going to let us build skyboxes below 2000 m altitude, in honor of The Eyrie.


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