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Curlew Waters - Land for sale 8,000. On Water with water access

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SALE! ONLY 8,000 !!! Everything included for as long as you like just keep auto return off! ^.^

I have many things on the land to make it a personal tropical paradise! The bed is Debauchery Ultimate Tufted Swingers Bed v6.2 {worth 5,000 linden alone} I also have a sailboat rezzer that is set to public and rezzes an adult sailboat with many poses. Derezzes when you get off. Click board for new boat. HeadHunter's Island furniture and house! Right on the water. {Selling for half the cost of my empty neighbors plot}

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Curlew Waters/114/233/21

Just please remember to keep all items unless you don't want them I don't have copies!****



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