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L$13900 Building Contest: Serpentine column & Tripod

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Second Life needs more snakes. There should be snakes everywhere.

I want to see a specific artifact recreated in Second Life. Requirements are that it be a faithful and functional reproduction that is MOD- and COPY-okay to its owners and made available for sale in the SL Marketplace or made available for free. The most moving, respectful, and plausible reproduction will prevail here.
The complete item should include tripartite serpentine column with engravings, golden stand, classical carved stone foundation, and flame-bearing cup atop. Consider options that enable each part to be toggled invisible or built in such a way that such scripting would be easy enough to mod in. 

Here's some reference material for the contest. Other sources may be considered, of course.

Please contact me in private with any questions. Please submit all entries by July 4th.

Tripod of Croton



"After bringing all the goods together, the Hellenes took out a tenth for the god at Delphi, and from this they dedicated a golden tripod set upon a three-headed serpent of bronze, which stands next to the altar." Herodotus, The Histories (IX.81)

"Diodorus Siculus, writing in the 1st century BC, says The saviours of Greece at large dedicated this, having delivered the cities from wretched servitude."

"Even at the time of Pausanias’ visit, the Sacred Way, leading up to the temple of Apollo, was lined on both sides with monuments, statues and treasuries commemorating important events in Greek History. "Closest to the altar", as Herodotus says, was the Serpentine column, the base of which has been found, as has the base of the altar, which was dedicated by the Chians... Above these loomed the great bronze statue of Apollo, and, on the architrave of the temple, shields commemorating a Greek victory over the Gauls."



(from Wikipedia- Serpent Column)






Note-- the following is an example of UNPOLISHED bronze, but that's not the patina we're looking for. This should instead be polished bronze.

Other thoughts you may consider to inform your sensibilities:


(from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ningishzida)







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