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Linux Users Learn To DJ Live Stream to youtube Create and Edit your Machinima

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I have spent Many days Supporting Secondlife Users.

After 8 years of maintaining the media code  for My Slackware builds.

Over 10 years Maintaining the Linux  LL viewer

I am hoping to push this knowledge on.

 I have Taken a Year Sabbatical time to catch up on life. 

Did this back in 2012 to 2014 when I was Tutoring   students on Linux basics.

Teach you how to set up  youtube show daily weekly etc.

Why Linux.

Well Linux musicians and media makers have pretty much left the Mac  Windows behind.

Came to Secondlife to work on Media Issues 2003 returned 2007 returned 2011.

At My older age it would ne nice to see people take interest in Linux Media. Such As NickyD of Firestorm

NickyP of Kokua. Aka Imprudence viewer the first 64bit Linux viewer.

Contact me inworld Adam01time or my Primary AVI Drakeo Resident.

Look at all the cool things you can do.


More than Media it is your virtual world.

And your SL Life history


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