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I was trying to make my own day/night cycle for my parcel and got a nice soft early night look based on [TOR] Night - Our Together.  Both it and the setting I put together has this weird issue when I move my camera around.


Just a warning/heads up, the color flickering gets kind of fast in the second gif.





I have all shaders on and sun/moon/projectors enabled.


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Kind of a shot in the dark (ha, get it?) but what objects are behind your camera, to the right?

It seems like some object(s) are being unloaded since it's outside of your view, which allows more light to shine through. When you turn your camera, the object is loaded into existence again which casts a shadow. You could try rotating the sun so that it shines from a different direction.

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Looks like lights poofing. Shadows all stay intact and don't change but you can see the light reflecting off of items from the side. Seems like a common issue with lights...

I suspect this being light bounding boxes not being properly calculated or lights simply being not rendered anymore when they still should (camera still in their bounding box or the bounding box still in the visible area)

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