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Two amazing protected river lots for rent in Zindra - for living and sail

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in Qondriac (on Zindra) two nice predesigned rentals

Adult Region - Protected Linden Water Area

- predesigned Rental - full furnished - but you return what you not like

- no premium need for rent

- almost full owner rights - ban, accesslist, media, stream, return, rezz and more

- sailable River over 15 regionen

- residential use 

KOKOMO Beach - 741prim - 2160sqm

only 740/w 


little palm beach - 593prims 1728sqm

only 590/w 


Visit my inworld store for other officers

(currently all size available) 

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/All Saints Bay/109/41/23

or check my casper panel web


740w - up to 741prim - 2160sqm KOKOMO Beach_001.png

590w - 593prims 1728sqm little palm beach_001.png

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wrong slurl
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