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Hello I have a role play family group and I am looking for members to be role play as my children and members of my role play pack/family

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Hello there,
Are you guys looking for a family, who is loyal and does not stand the drama?
Well my pack Ʈᕼᙓ ᘎꙆᙅꙆOᙀᔑ ᖴᙀᖇᔑ™ is looking for family members and recruits for our pack. We are Alphabet mafia friendly, as we are a safe space for everyone who is part of the Alphabet Mafia.
    We are BDSM friendly as well but any sign of abuse in the system will be immediately kicked and banned from the family, there will be no forcing anybody to do anything that they are not comfortable.
     Littles and child avatars are welcomed here in the pack and family, we take good care of our members. We do not and no matter what support or tolerate racism and bullying within my family you will be punished when seen bullying another member or a family member of this pack.
     We are all friendly and respectful people so please be respectful back if you want respect back. We respect all lives, to us ALL lives matter just not the pedos lives.
We understand Real life is important, but if you need to de-stress than please announce it so we will know that you are safe and sound.
If you need someone to talk to than we are here for your needs and will be there for you like nobody has ever been.
Once you join our family you will be put on 1 week probation status so that everyone can get to know one another and give you time to choose a role you wish to have.

If you are interested please message me in world or @Coffeeluver23 to get my attention.

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